Commission Price Guide

All prices below are estimations based on a relatively simple fursuit design e.g. one to two basic colours of fur, little markings, etc.

The ‘+’ indicates a possible increase in price depending on the complexities and details of the character. Lots of fur differences will up the price i.e. complex markings, size of tail (e.g. nub tails will be cheaper than full-sized tails) and complexity of fursuit head.

For smaller commissions (such as just handpaws or tails) a payment is required in full before work can be started due to the cost of ordering materials. Again, all prices on fursuit parts DO NOT include shipping costs.

All Full Partial and Full Suit options come with
basic (non-padded) handpaws and outdoor feet as standard.

If you would like 'puffy' handpaws,  indoor feet
or any other unique part for your fursuit, please request when ordering!


Full Suit Plantigrade: £1700+

Full Suit Digitigrade: £2000+

(padded legs for more realistic animal shape. Padding is custom fitted, sewn in pockets with removable stuffing )

Standard features include:

'Follow Me' /Flat Toony eyes with brilliant vision (Velcro/Magnetic eyelids optional)

Plush Nose (fleece/minky/leatherette)

Plush teeth and tongue

Appliqued Pawpads (stuffed/unstuffed optional)

Plush Claws

Custom fitted bodysuit with front facing zipper (DTD required) with strong belt attachment or zipper attached-tail per customer request


Head Only: £600+

Mini-Partial: £900+

(Head, 4 or 5 finger handpaws, tail)

Full-Partial: £1200+

(Head, 4 or 5 finger handpaws, outdoor feet, tail)



Partial Suit Extra Options:

Armsleeves: £70+

4 Finger Feral Style Handpaws: £160+

4 Finger Toony Style Handpaws: £180+

5 Finger (stuffed) Handpaws: £200+

Indoor Feetpaws (slipper paws): £250+

Outdoor Feetpaws (EVA sole  w/ rubber grip): £190+


3/4 Partial Suit Options:

Plantigrade Leg Sleeves: £400+

Digitigrade Leg Sleeves: £650+

Plantigrade Bodysuit Only: £700+

Digitigrade Bodysuit Only: £1000+

Customer Requirements

For bodysuits and 3/4 partials (leggings) a *Duct Tape Dummy (DTD) MUST be supplied.

If you properly made a *Duct Taped Dummy (DTD) and sent in the correct measurements it should be easy for me to make a custom fit for you. Please keep in mind I do make my handpaws and feetpaws a universal size (outdoor feet do have a shoe installed to your specification) to best be proportional to the fursuit.


I am NOT responsible for poor sizing if you provide a poor quality DTD or incorrect measurements.

*For more information on DTD’s please visit:

Credit: Mischief Makers

There are also lots of video tutorials online, please do your research before attempting.

I also ask that you please re-tape the dummy along the cut-lines once you've been cut out of it as it's at it's most reliable shape once it's removed from the body.


If a DTD is sent to me not taped back up or in an unacceptable state, you will incur a £20 surcharge to your existing invoice.