Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of your suits?

Please refer to my Price Guide for a more detailed idea of suit costs.


I want to know how much my suit will be but I don’t have the money to pay...

Please refer to my Price Guide for a more detailed idea of our suit costs.

DO NOT submit a quote form if you are not capable of putting at least 1/3rd the total amount of your suit down.


What kind of payments do you accept?

I will be creating a custom listing just for your suit that contains all your suit’s details. From here you can purchase with PayPal. This is to ensure you are 18+ and gives you buyers protection.


Payment plans?

Yes, I do accept payment plans.

I don’t expect anyone to pay the full amount immediately for orders higher than £500. If your item is under £500 you are required to pay the full amount upfront or at least in two payments within 2 months that your invoice is sent.  I require a 30% deposit for all partial and full suit commissions.   This 30% is NON REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS.


You must also agree to pay the deposit within 14 days of receiving your invoice. This is to secure your slot in the queue and to show you are invested in the project and have the reserves to make payments. Failure to do so will result in your transaction being voided. 


After the 30% is paid, it is up to you to pay off your costume in time for me to start, and finish for whatever time you'd like your costume done for. Construction does not begin until AT LEAST 80/90% of the payment is complete.

Turn around time for projects?

I work with a waiting list (queue) system, which is fully public and can be found here:

I try and keep my wait times as low down as I can. On average once a final payment has been made, you should only be waiting 6-10 months for work to begin on your fursuit! Once your slot is up, I work solidly on your suit until it's complete. A head only commission should only take about 2 weeks to finish and for a full digitigrade suit with a fairly simple design, usually takes me around 4-7 weeks to complete. These times can vary depending on the design and availability of materials needed. But once I'm working on your project, it doesn't take long until they're complete!

Sometimes complications with a costume may cause delays in the overall queue or project. I will state your spot on the list, and an estimation of when it will be completed. Once your project has started, I will send you update information and images when I hit certain milestones (Example: Finished feet, completed head sculpt, etc). 

I do not work to deadlines, however if given enough notice I should be able to make your suit for an upcoming event/convention - please be considerate of timescales and remember life can throw anyone curve balls!


If you'd like to see what I'm working on currently, please visit my Trello.

Do I need a Reference Sheet?

Yes! Your suit is based on a detailed reference sheet that shows front, side(s), and back of your character and lists any specific details. If it’s not on the reference sheet, it doesn’t go on the suit! I can work with artwork for partials and individual parts but for full-suits I ask for a clear 3 shot reference sheet.


I ask that you are 100% happy with all the aspects of your suit design before you proceed to the payment/invoicing stage. I work by sending an invoice to you with the breakdown of every part of your suit; these take time to do and if you want to make any significant changes from the initial reference affects your quote because it might be more work for me, which in turn voids the previous invoice. This means I have to make a brand new invoice when I could be processing your order quicker!



Do I need to send a Duct Tape Dummy?

Yes! And it must be well constructed! Please DO NOT use old clothes for your DTD! I suggest using a painters' suit (which can be found almost everywhere) and some good brand duct tape. I will get in touch with you at least one-two month(s) prior before construction begins to request your DTD. Please refer to lots of tutorials that can be found using Google and YouTube. I do not offer to help with DTDs - my time is better spent making your suit! I recommend using the Mischief Makers tutorial which can be found on YouTube and is linked in the Terms Of Service page.

I do ask that you mark clearly on the DTD your name, where you want your tail and that you tape back up any open seams before sending it to me.  This is to ensure your DTD is accurate. Failure to do so will mean a £20 surcharge being applied to your invoice.



Do you ship internationally?

I am located in Scotland, UK and I DO ship internationally.

Please be aware that customers are responsible for all shipping charges and any customs charges they may incur. The country you live in reserves the right to charge a customs fee on any imported items. Customs charges can be as much as 1/3 the total cost of the item depending on the country. You may check with your country’s post for more specifics.

I insure all our packages to the full material value or as close as the courier allows, of the items when shipping. If I were to insure the package for a lower value so as to avoid high customs charges then your suit would not be covered from damage during transit or missing packages. I am not responsible if any items are damaged during transit.



Do you do repairs?

Any initial issues we are at fault with, of first receiving the costume I will gladly fix immediately. Please keep me in the loop. I want to help you! Feel free to email me with any concerns.


Wear and tear is normal for any type of clothing but strenuous activity can shorten the lifespan of your suit.  However, if you want to find me at a convention/local meet, I can sew any sort of small rips or glue loose pieces but please be realistic - I can't repair a bodysuit at a pub and I don't want to be asked if I can hot-glue back a claw 10 minutes before arrival! 

Large repairs/ modifications are case-by-case projects.  I charge £30 per hour. You cover return shipping. Most details will be discussed via email.


Any alterations to your costume that was not by me will void all future repairs.


Please make sure they are CLEAN before any sort of repairing. If there is any unpleasant odours, old stains/soiled parts or if it is in extreme disrepair it will be sent back to you immediately and I will not work on your costume again. Period.



How many people work at Fix It Fursuits?

Currently, its only me (Fixy) working on all the emails, social media, purchasing & finance, management, and of course making the fursuits and costumes.