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You want to keep your character looking great? In order to do so you must take care of your fursuit!




Try to brush your costume before and after each wear. This prevents matting and makes your suit look great! High-friction areas will require more brushing i.e. armpits, crotch and inside of legs. A pet/slicker brush is recommended - remember to use the slicker brush backwards so you don't pull loads of fur out of your suit. Animal fur grows back, fursuit fur doesn't! You can also use 'tangle tamer' brushes as the plastic teeth are more gentle on the fur fibres.

Avoid mud and grass if you can as mud stains can be tough to clean out, but no impossible! If you do get stains on your suit that cannot be removed with washing, you can remove it with carpet/spot cleaner.

For really tough stains, use a stain remover bar.

After wearing, spray with clothing/fabric safe disinfectant. Isopropyl alcohol is recommended and you can mix it with your favourite essential oils to make it smell lovely. Avoid things like 'Febreeze' as it's heavy and will affect the fur and make it heavy. 


Avoid directly spraying Costume eyes. Eyes are sealed but alcohol can affect the sealant.

I highly recommend wearing lycra ("under armour" or any sweat wicking gear) under garments underneath your suit. This will help stay cool and keep sweaty oils away from your costume. It will also help keep your skin away from the fur backing which can become uncomfortable with long wear. 

I recommend wearing lycra balaclava/head caps under the head to help keep hair and face oils out of your head. Heads are lined but by wearing a balaclava you increase the wear time of your head. If you do go without a balaclava, please remember to fully disinfect the inside of your head and use a fan to get good airflow within the head whilst drying.

Try not to crush your costume head while traveling, light pressure is fine - the back if FiF heads are foamless so you should be able to squish the back of your head so it lays flat.

I really recommend using fans when drying your fursuit - whether it's after washing or just an outing. 

How often you wash your suit varies on you.  2-3 wears or after a busy event is the best time to wash. If you’re a heavy sweater more often is best,  less than the sweaty type you can wait longer but remember - ALWAYS DISINFECT YOUR SUIT AFTER EACH WEAR.

You can machine wash everything apart from the head and outdoor feetpaws. These should only be washed in the sink/bath washed.  Everything else on my suits can be machine washed.

Please don't completely submerge your fursuit head in water, as although it will not harm the exterior of the head, the foam used to make the head can be more prone to mold. The more moisture it comes into contact to without being dryed properly, the more likely it is that mold could develop. Your head is the most important part to keep clean and disinfected so remember to get all the moisture out of your head! You can submerge the back of your head and neck - the neck especially will need a deep clean as most of the sweat from your head runs down and your chest can get very warm.

Use a delicate fabric detergent. 'Woolite' is what I recommend (any detergent for use with delicates or hand washing will do) but use it sparingly! A little goes a long way!

TUB WASH: Soak body inside out in luke warm/room temperature water with some of the detergent. Press and squeeze every 10 mins or so to get dirt and oils out. Once you feel the suit is clean and fresh, get rid of the dirty water and replace with clean, return suit to clean water and rinse out. You may need to replace the water a couple of time before the suds disappear for good. 

DO NOT HANG UP A SOAKING WET FURSUIT! You will stretch the fabric and it will cause stress to the seams. Make sure it's only damp before hanging. You can dry your fursuit on towel on the floor or use a clothes horse and drape over. Remember to flip regularly and brush! Using fans at this stage will make the drying process quicker!

MACHINE WASH: Front loading works best and is safest. Pull body inside out. COLD setting (MAXIMUM 30° - NO HIGHER, the colder the wash the BETTER) on a delicate wash cycle. Handpaws do not need to be pulled inside out. Tails are fine to machine wash also - put items that can't be washed inside out in a laundry bag or pillowcase if you can.

Pull right side out after, brush well and leave to dry. If you have fans, I recommend using these to speed up your drying time.

Keep brushing your suit every now and then until completely dry.

DO NOT place in a dryer or wash at a temperature higher than 30° (I actually recommend washing at 20° just to be safe) Heat will melt your fur and this will damage your costume! It CANNOT be fixed and you will have to arrange for a replacement. In every instance, keep high instances of heat away from your suit.






Your costume is just like clothing.  It will wear out. This is normal. 

If you’re rough on your costume like doing activities like dancing and sports you’re prone to friction matting and holes. This isn’t a quality problem, but just normal wear.

Costumes with lots of markings like stripes and spots will be more prone to holes and tears. Not a problem. I can repair them or I can show you how to repair it yourself. Please do NOT be scared to email me!

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